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About JFoundations

JFoundations sees as its goal to use the modern media systems to bring the timeless message of Torah to today's generation thru professional audio and video podcasts, lectures and inspirational clips.

Clarity of vision; deep, powerful, and fulfilling relationships. A life of goodness and giving are what we all crave and yearn for - and deserve! There are so many amazing teachers and lecturers out there, but their messages are only able to reach such a small and limited audience. We'd like to help them reach the whole world! With high-quality, user friendly, engaging and enjoyable formatting, our objective is to get people the inspiration and guidance they're looking for.

- Yisroel Yudkowsky

Our Programs

- Foundations  Yisroel Yudkowsky

This incredible podcast takes you on a journey through topics so basic and foundational to our Judaism and lives.

With top-of-the-line guests, each series in this podcast covers a critically important area about which we all truly want and need to know. Get a deeper understanding of the Yesodos of Emunah, Bitachon, and the Hashkafa of Mitzvos from an experienced Rebbe, and develop a real understanding of Daas Torah from an Askan who's seen it all firsthand. Together with a special Rosh Chodesh series to help us gain a greater appreciation for the different opportunities that each month has to offer, this podcast is one you certainly won't want to pass up!

- Torah & Stories  Rabbi Yehoshua Liff

In this podcast, we will gain valuable insight and precious wisdom from a veteran Rosh Yeshiva and Mechanech, Rabbi Yehoshua Liff.

In the Friday Dvar Torah, Rabbi Liff shares a beautiful and life-enriching Torah thought, coupled with amazing stories (mostly personal!) of encounters with Gedolim and other incredible Yidden. The Monday "Zoom Shmooze" is a treasure trove of insight and Torah Hashkafa drawn from current world events and the special Yomim Tovim around the year - packed with Divrei Chizuk and positive encouragement.

- Daily Chafetz Chaim  Rabbi Ari Klapper

The power of speech can be used to build or destroy. Learn to use this power in a positive way.

Join us for only 2 minutes a day of Chafetz Chaim learning with Rabbi Ari Klapper. 

- Shmiras Einayim  Rabbi Ari Klapper

Guarding our eyes is the key to bringing Kedusha into our lives.

Chizuk and practical help to overcome our most difficult Nisayon.

- Torah Writings  Rabbi Shmuel Brazil & Rabbi Yehonasan Gefen

Enjoy beautifully written and deeply insightful, life-enhancing Divrei Torah from renowned Torah personalities on the Parshah of the week. Easy to read but full of depth, these exceptional pieces will give you much food for thought and appreciation of the eternal wisdom of our Torah, and will enlighten your mind with the beauty of its message.


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